How far in advance do i need to book?

You can make a booking on the same day or by giving advance you can book on prior notice.

Can you make incall and outcall appointment?

Yes! We can but we provide services for hotels only. If you need an assistant to finding a hotel than we can guide you.

What services does an escort offer?

There are so many services in escorts services. to get an idea about services, you can visit our services page.

Can I see more photos?

Yes! You can but once you confirm your hotel details. safety of our girls is our first priority and also some assurance that client is genuine. 

Are the escorts available for couples?

Yes, but you have to give advance and prior notice and also arrange a call from your partner.

What If I would like to cancel just after booked?

You can cancel the appointment anytime but not after she reaches the hotel. If the girl is same as in the picture, you must have to pay.

Are there any refunds?

Yes! but in some circumstances. like the whole mistake is from our side but only our share of payment we can refund.

Which mode of payment i can pay?

Cash in any currency and cards are not accepted.

Is this discreet?

Yes absolutely. If you prefer extra discretion we can assure our females are “dressed down” with sneakers or flip flops so not to draw attention to her entrance.

If the girl would not be same as in picture then?

If the girl wouldn’t be same then you can send her back without paying a payment.